Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is My List Trip an OTA?

At this time, My List Trip is a booking engine dashboard from iTecHotel company.

How do you work together as an agent / owner property / experience host?

You can join by contacting the iTecHotel website as our parent company. As for will be assisted in further technical problems.

How do I register the property / experience host?

After being reviewed as a partner, you can log in by registering on the My List Trip website, then start adding property / experience on the dashboard page. Technically it can be guided for more details.

Can iTecHotel's Booking Engine connect to the property's web?

Yes. By using iFrame and booking date integration of your web property, you will be connected to the reservation system on My List Trip.

What payment methods are available for placing an order?

We are now working with Midtrans as a payment gateway system partner, where you can use Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, Internet Banking, eWallet GoPay and Indomaret / Alfamaret outlets.

Can I pay onsite at check in?

Yes, there are several hotels that can access Pay At Hotel / Onsite payment, some are not. It depends on the initial agreement between My List Trip / iTecHotel and the property concerned.

What is the point system on the booking engine offered, how does it work and what are the conditions?

My List Trip has one system point which is given to every guest who books with the My List Trip hyperlink (different properties, still get the same point of use). This point aims to get a discount for guests who are members. This system point also has no active time limit. Will continue to add up after making bookings and comments.

To become a member, do we have to pay?

No. Just join / register.

How do I find out the status of my reservation?

After the order process is complete, a confirmation page will appear and a copy of your order confirmation will be sent to the registered email address. Then, the booking invoice will be sent to your email address with your address and order details.

Can I cancel or change the date of an existing reservation?

Yes, you can cancel or change your order by contacting our customer service team via the live chat feature at (on WhatsApp Number). However, you need to pay attention to the related conditions.

How many rooms can be booked in one booking?

There are no restrictions, only delimits from Host Property. For example, the maximum number of rooms available is only 5, then you can only order 5 rooms.

Will my Credit Card be charged for a reservation with post paid payment?

Yes. All payments will be charged directly to our Payment gateway partner account, namely Midtrans. If there is a cancellation of the booking, it will be returned in accordance with the applicable provisions.

What if my reservation is not registered when I am at the hotel?

You can contact our call center directly.

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